Songs From The Mine

by Louise Goffin

Copyright © 2014 Louise Goffin /  Majority Of One Records




When I started to record this album, I didn’t know where it would take me, but one thing was clear to me: this record would be held to what I loved in songs and performance, down to the choosing of which songs to record, and what the arrangements would be.  Songs can come from many sources, sometimes they are spiritual dilemmas and questions that need to be answered through the writing of them. Other times they are to uplift, be playful and infuse the day with fun.  The reward is a sense of purpose: to soothe and energize, to give hope and bring stories to light to help better understand what a song could illuminate in its own way.


My job was to love and nurture each song in its essence, and protect it from any influences it didn’t need. This project was infinitely graced by the generosity and talent of all the cowriters, musicians and engineers without whom this couldn’t have been made.  I wanted you to not only enjoy listening, but I was intent that you would hold a beautiful package in your hands...may you enjoy!